All you need to know about Facebook’s Express Wifi

All you need to know about Facebook’s Express Wifi

The TRAI’s move of banning and shutting down the Facebook backed Free Basics project didn’t actually disappoint the social media giant. In fact, they have now come up with yet another project of theirs, which they have labelled as the Express Wifi. Earlier this year, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had banned the Free Basics initiative of Facebook, claiming it to be against the idea of Net Neutrality.

Express WiFi is the latest project initiated by Facebook Inc., in collaboration with many Internet Service Providers in India. The company has already started testing their Express WiFi service at about 125 rural locations across India. According to the British news agency, BBC, Facebook has installed Wifi hotspots and started the test of their internet service.

Here are a few pieces of information about Express Wifi:

  • Facebook is working with ISPs, carriers and local businesses to increase or serve the internet connectivity at locations that have low or no such service.
  • According to the official page of Express Wifi, India is their present work shop, and they will soon be covering more locations on the globe.
  • The social media giant is helping local businesses to provide Wifi service in their locality (city or village), and earn some bread and butter.
  • The aim of the company is to connect the underserved locations with fast speed internet so that people can stay updated with latest news, education, entertainment, work opportunity, and connected with their friends and family via social networking tools, like Facebook.

While this post may seem like a promotion of Facebook, and its ethics and offerings, it must, then, be stated that the Express Wifi facility will not be a free cake. Users will have to loose their pocket to enjoy this unique internet service.