Saturday , April 21 2018

Adam Dandach To Spend Two Decades in Jail For Aspiring to Join Islamic State

A 22-year-old man from California will be undergoing a two-decade broad imprisonment following the charges of having an involvement in passport scam just to join the Islamic State militants in Syria.

Last year, Adam Dandach was found guilty of lying on his passport application. Additionally, he also tried to provide a considerable support to the notorious jihadi militant group in Syria.

Federal Prosecutors want Adam to face a strict punishment, reports the online, to be exact, “a 20-year sentence”. However, the investigation officials are advocating his detention of 15 years.

Contrary to the allegations, the advocates of Adam Dandach said that their client was not exactly heading to support the Islamic State militant group in Syria; instead, he was supposed to join a charitable trust to support the miserable in the country.

On Monday 25th July, the District Court in Santa Ana will sign his sentence.


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