Abhishek-Aishwarya’s Difference Of Opinion Out In The Open

Abhishek-Aishwarya's difference of opinion out in the open

Mumbai: Being a celebrity not only means endless paparazzi, but also there is no room for privacy. One such recent incident comes from Bachchan’s house jalsa where Abhishek and Aishwarya’s difference of opinion is out in public and fans are shocked to know the reason for the rift. The topic of the fight usually revolves around baby Aaradhya, who is not to be blamed. It’s the parent’s disagreement over her career that every other day an argument erupts. What career will a 5-year old choose is the reason for their changing behaviour towards each other?

While Abhishek wants to train daughter for bollywood and has even made up his mind to see her as a child artist on screen, Aishwarya totally disagrees with the view and has other things in her mind for the baby. According to reports, Aishwarya is unhappy with this and is no mood as of now to expose Aaradhya to the world of glamour.

Even though the power couple’s family matter is out, we cannot forget that they are in a relationship in which arguments can’t be avoided and in the end understanding between husband-wife helps in overcoming the phase. So can we say that this is the real test of their bond?