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6 Secrets To Get Sexy Lips


Pink, red lips are the most attractive features that add to the sex appeal and cuteness of a girl. However, due to the changing lifestyle and habits, it has become next to impossible for girls to maintain the natural pinkish rosy color of their lips. If you are noticing the developing dusk on your lips, here are 6 secret natural ways to get sexier lips, without any depending on any makeup –

#1.Natural Scrubber: To prepare a nature scrub, all you have to do is to take some sugar and add a few drops of olive oil to it. You can take Ghee as an alternative for olive oil. You have to rub this mixture gently on your lips for one to two minutes every week, then rinse. After that, apply a little amount of ghee on your lips (or, if you have any lip butter of a trusted brand, you can go with that as well).

#2. Lemon: Lemon is known as the best natural bleaching agent. Cut a lemon in 4 parts, apply the juice of one part on your lips every morning 30 minutes before taking shower. Within a week or so, you would notice that natural red-pink shade of your lips is re-approaching.

#3. Beetroot: The natural beaching instruments of beetroot juice can also take away from blackness of your lips. You can apply it on your lips, half an hour before heading for shower. You need to apply and massage this juice on your lips for 5 to 10 minutes, and then, leave it for thirty minutes.

 (You could also consider including lemon and beetroot juice in your everyday meal chart. It will help your body system fight with many harmful bacteria.)

While the first three were the things that you should DO, the next three are a few suggestions that you should lower or STOP DOING –

#4. Smoking: Smoking gives a dose of stimulation – that I agree, but it leaves black spots your fingers, teeth, and lips. If you want naturally red lips, you know, you should break up with your habit of smoking.

#5. Lip Balms: A study reveals that lip balms have ingredients that make this thing an addiction. The more you use, the more you become its victim. Whether or not it betters the dryness of your lips, it gives a good, smooth feel and a mild scent that make you want it more frequently on your lips. So, you should try seeking some natural replacement for lip balms. Maybe you could find something in your kitchen, such as ghee or olive oil, or in garden, for example, Aloe Vera gel.

#6. Biting your lips with teeth: Bollywood movies, at times, showcase actresses biting their lips as a sign of sexual desire. However, in real life, if you would do so, you would actually be hurting your lips, and causing the clogging of blood that would eventually turn black and look unsightly.

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