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5 Tools Everyone in the Marketing Industry Should Be Using


Business and marketing are two sides of the same coin. Personnel involved in the marketing industry can very well understand the significance of the above statement. In the expansion of the internet, marketing has found many sophisticated tools for promoting a business as quickly as possible among the desired consumer base. In this discussion, we shall be posting brief descriptions of five tools which shall be used by everyone in the marketing profession.


A resourceful tool for creating graphics- Canva deserves the first place. Graphic based content is gradually gaining popularity on all platforms. As a marketer, if you take the time to create alluring graphics for a website or blog post using a complicated software such as Photoshop, then you can fall back in the race for success. The varied templates provided on Canva can help any of your graphic designing needs.

LinkedIn Pulse:

Bored of the unnecessary hassles of blog creation, modification, and posting? Have a LinkedIn account? Enjoy the unabashed benefits of posting blogs on LinkedIn Pulse, which is available with a LinkedIn account. All you have to do is click on ‘publish a post’ and there you go!


The blue bird can help your business fly! Though many marketers haven’t stuck to this platform for long, there are many factors which they missed out. Engaging content with attractive graphics and links can attract sufficient audience for business on Twitter. Relevant URLs, which are a concept of SEO, can be applied to Twitter marketing through the use of appropriate hash tags.

Google Analytics:

Analyzing the performance of a website had never been so easier. Google Analytics helps to find out how much web traffic has been directed to a website. User interaction and sources can be expressed in Google Analytics. Such massive information can help in building better content directed towards requirements of clients.

Automated Marketing Systems:

As a business grows, problems grow with it! To cope with the growing needs of business, an automated marketing system needs to be incorporated in an organization. The future of businesses will see systems managing blogs, websites, and social media promotion.

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