5 Positive Lessons To Take From A Failed Relationship

5 Positive Lessons To Take From A Failed Relationship

Everyone once in a lifetime had to go through a bad relationship. That’s true, and can be supported by a swathe of research documents, available online or printed magazines. Separation indeed is one of the most painful feelings that fills you with oceans of negative energy which evidently affects your health, friendships and family relations.

Without experiencing the darkness, on one can understand the substance of light. Just like the darkness is co-connected with the rays of light, negativity too has a great connection with positivity. It is just about having an optimistic approach toward life. Here’s what you can learn from your breakup to move on and emerge as a more powerful you:

  1. Be Selfish: Remember, your breakup was the reason of your partner’s self-centred behaviour; however, many a times, it is negligence of both the hands. You need to make yourself your priority and start thinking about you and your betterment.
  2. ‘Mirror Mirror Who Is The Most Beautiful’! The idea is to stay close to yourself, not the feelings that he/she left you with. Befriending with a mirror, preferably a large size, will allow you to know yourself better.
  3. Indulge in activities like gymming, meditation, yoga, gardening, or just join some hobby classes to divert your mind. You can even get yourself a boxing bag, and punch it like hell every morning or evening. It will be a great stress buster.
  4. Talk to yourself, recalling why this relationship didn’t work. This mind-tiring exercise may even take days or months’ time, but once you have discovered the answer, you will be ready for the next move, which could be either giving your relationship a second chance, or moving on, and not doing the same mistake in your relationships again.
  5. Stay polite, think before you speak. Most of the relationships fail because of the poisonous altercations shared between the couple. Post breakup time is the best time to develop a new you. And, being polite and thoughtful will certainly be a great idea.