5 Interesting and Unknown Facts About Facebook


You have been using Facebook for so long to connect with your friends and family. But, do you know there’s much more to do on this social platform than just liking, commenting and posting pictures and videos. Here are the five secrets about Facebook you might be interested in.

1- See Who Has Rejected Your Friend Request

You send friend requests to so many people and then you wonder why he hasn’t accepted your friend request yet. As a matter of fact, there are simple steps by which you can get to know who has rejected your request.

1- Open Facebook (in a browser, not the app)
2- Click on the friend request tab
3- Select ‘view all’ in the drop down menu
4- Then click on ‘view sent requests’

2- Access Recordings Of Other People

You think you know all about Live videos feature on Facebook, but you probably don’t know that you can access feeds of people recording clips around the world. Just click on the Live Video icon under the Apps section on the left-hand navigation bar.

3- What is Message Request Inbox

The ones detected as spam messages go to Message Request Inbox. In order to view them, just follow these simple steps.

1- Open Facebook Messenger on your phone
2- Click on the ‘Me’ section at the bottom right of the screen
3- Then go to the ‘People’ section
4- Select “Message Requests”
5- Click on the link saying “See filtered messages”

4- Facebook’s Football Game

For those who don’t know, Facebook has also launched a game for it’s football fans. To play, follow these simple steps.

1- Update your version of Messenger
2- Send a football emoji to your friends
3- Tap the emoji once it has sent
4- Enjoy playing your game now

5- Log Out of Facebook From Another Location

It happens many a times that we forget to log out. But, not a problem as there’s a way to remotely log out of Facebook. That means you can easily log out from another location as well.

Go to Settings-Security- Where You’re Logged In and then click on ‘end activity’ to log out remotely. Your problem will be solved.