Saturday , April 21 2018

4 Villains of RCB’s Losing The IPL Final Battle

Last night, in a jaw-dropping match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sun Risers Hyderabad, the host even after the ear-bursting support and cheer on their home ground, didn’t manage to chase a score of 208 runs in 20 overs.

Chasing that score for a team, which is known as ‘the team of batsmen’, wasn’t really a big deal. So, what were the factors that made RCB lose the crown of the biggest T20 cricket league on the planet?

RCB’s Losing The IPL

Shane Watson – In the last over, Sun Risers Hyderabad slapped 24 runs on the RCB’s face. Shane Watson was the bowler, and he proved very very expensive for the Royals. This over was sufficient to put the mental pressure on the hosts. He didn’t seem in form yesterday; in his four overs, he gave 61 runs, and while batting, he only added 11 to the scoreboard.

RCB’s Losing The IPL

Misfielding – Chris Gayle dropped a catch of Shikhar Dhawan, when was at 6. It was another shock for the Banglorians. Shikhar after that hit quick 28 runs, and played a very important innings with Davind Warner.


Disastrous Decisions – The captain Virat called Gayle to deliver the second over, and the over as you know, it was a disaster. SRH, the teams of bowlers, all of a sudden became the team of scorers.


Batsmen losing their concentration – Whether you call it the pressure or the overconfidence, the batsmen on the RCB’s side were not performing as they were performing in their earlier matches.


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