Saturday , April 21 2018

3 Controversies That Shocked Amisha Patel & His Fans

This is the birthday of Amisha Patel, the bubbly girl of Bollywood, who started her career with Hrithik Roshan, from the movie Kaho Na… Pyar Hai in the year 2000. The movie registered a colossal success, and both the newcomers were labeled the first stars of the millennium. However, behind each success in the showbiz, there are some controversies, which every celebrity has to go through once in a while.

With all due respect, the Cup of Story team would like to wish Amisha Patel a Very Happy and Prosperous Birthday, and resurface 3 uncomfortable controversies that have some connection with the actor –

  1. Mamta KulkarniAmisha Patel Catfight: It was like a welcome fight for the new girl in the film industry. She was attending a party, which was call upon by Mamta in 1999, when she was not a famous actor; her debut movie was under production. According to the onlookers, Amisha started the scene when she passed an unkind comment on Kulkarni, the host of the party.
  2. The Twitter Fight with Kushal Tondon: Kushal Tondon and our birthday girl were attending the premier of a movie in a Juhu theater last year, and before the movie, the national anthem played. And, because of her menstrual cycle, she could not stand during the anthem. Kushal Tondon took this opportunity to gain some attention (since he was away from media coverage for quite a few months), and tried to make it a national issue on Twitter. Amisha trashed him, calling him an ‘a***ole’, publicly on Twitter.
  3. Oops Moment in a Song: It was really a disaster! In a YRF production movie, which was supposed to be an entertainer and target children and family viewers, Amisha accidently showed her left nipple in a song sequence, and no one, even the makers of the movie, realized it, before the slow-motion clips flooded the internet. No, I am not going to tell the name of the movie nor the song. But, it was a wearisome experience for the actress.


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