2016 Is The Hottest Year So Far On Earth!

2016 is the hottest year so far on Earth!

Although this year has just covered half of its journey thus far, it has already set the record of being the hottest year on Earth after the sprouting of life on the planet. You must have experienced this phenomenon, haven’t you? And, NASA, too, has confirmed this by presenting a series of official data.

In a first, the National Aeronautics and Space Agency has prepared and shared a midyear climate analysis. Preparing the report was crucial, as the average temperature and dry weather conditions have been breaking records ever since the beginning of this year.

In 2016, each month has claimed to be the warmest ever since beginning of maintaining the temperature record in the year 1880. Before this year, 2015 had marked the warmest year on record.

“2016 has really blown that out of the water,” said Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City – as reported by CNN.com. The scientists at NASA also have a strong anticipation that 2016 will be much hotter than 2015 was.

However, if we go by the temperature readings, the average temperature on earth this year is just 1.3 degree Celsius warmer than the register of 1880, the year when this record maintaining exercise began. But, you have experienced the heat on your own, and it raises a big question what will be the next year like?

Scientists claim that the Al Nino effect, active since the end of 2014, is responsible for this rise in temperature; however, situations will likely be in control next year, since that Bad Boy effect will be completely over. The Al Nino added manifold carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases that upped the average temperature of the worlds. Meteorologists also say that the Al Nino effect will fritter away by the year 2017, making way for lower than this year’s temperature.